La storia del Cuccini

Dai primi del novecento fino al nuovo millennio

During the early years of the 20th century San Domenico was an alpine pasture with a few lodges and a chapel.

In 1905 Maggiorino Cuccini, member of an ancient family from Varzo, bought a farmstead with a barn to use as a tavern: built a canopy to give refuge to mules and donkeys that passed through San Domenico on their way to Alpe Veglia.

In 1927 the building turned into a guest house: tourists spent gladly their time in this relaxing place. In 1935 the increase of tourism and activities in this area permit Maggiorino and his sons to build an hotel bigger and more comfortable than the first one. The old guest house became a barracks during the World War II.

When Maggiorino died, in 1944, his brothers Francesco (Cecchino) and Aldo continued his job. The little hotel was well organised and the livestock farming provided milk products and high-quality meat.

The cuisine - the strong point- and the location that Cecchino created (he was the only owner after 1958) made San Domenico the ideal place for families where spend holydays.

Anticipating the road open to vehicles (1967), in 1963 Cecchino built a new hotel. However, the ski lift construction changed direction to San Domenico as a ski resort. Cecchino worked in his hotel until his death in 2005, he has been and continues to be a prominent and unforgettable figure in town.